What does investment diamonds mean?

“investment diamonds” are what we refer to when a diamond is bought to lock its value into a tangible and secure good, to make a long-term investment. Investment diamonds are a tangible good, not subject to wear. They are not subject to taxes or declarations. The investor is only subject to the VAT at the time of purchase. With regular invoice, the diamonds are transportable anywhere and can be preserved and not detected at metal detectors. Unlike any other form of investment, diamonds, can at any time become a jewel to wear.

In order to make a purchase on your website, am I obliged to register?

No, registration is not obligatory, but to proceed with the purchase you must enter your address data for shipping purposes.

Where do the diamonds on your come from?

The diamonds on our site come from the Belgian city of Antwerp, the diamond capital and the Diamond Exchange venue. An impressive hub for cuts, security services, shipment and machining, and also the largest diamond trade center.

Who decides the price of a diamond?

Diamonds are quoted in twenty-eight world-wide exchanges with an official list of references called Rapaport, and can be liquidated at any time in any part of the world. The Rapaport Diamond Report contains diamond pricing, updated every Thursday based on the US dollar per carats established in New York.

How does the online purchasing procedure work?

After you have chosen your stone you will be automatically directed to a secure order procedure culminating in the purchase and payment of your chosen diamond. Our website uses the latest security procedures in order to offer our clients a safe and secure experience.

What is the Gemological certification, and who issues it?

It is the identity card of a diamond that contains all the features and parameters that determine the quality and value of the stone. They are released by the IGI, GIA, and HRD analysis laboratories.

Are the diamonds on your website natural diamonds?

All the gems on our site are natural and sealed inside an anti-counterfeit blister that associates the diamond with the accompanying certificate.

What type of payments do you accept? and are they secure?

Payments are made by credit card through our worldwide partners Stripe and Paypal and are 100% safe because the site is protected using the very latest security technology. We also accept international Bank transfers.

I'm new to the world of investment diamonds, can I ask Torelli for advice before purchasing?

You can ask for advice from one of our European Gemologists, who can provide you with all the information about the stones you want to buy, as well as give you valuable advice on how to diversify your investment by choosing one stone or several stones.

Is your shipping covered by insurance?

Yes, each and every diamond shipped by Torelli is fully insured for the total value of the diamonds.