Pasquale Torelli Gemologist

History of the Torelli family

The Torelli family have been master goldsmiths for five generations.
San Marco in Lamis has always been a crossroads for pilgrims looking for faith in the nearby San Pio house, San Giovanni Rotondo and tourists seeking magical places such as Vieste, Peschici and Rhodes. In San Marco in Lamis, over the centuries, members of the Torelli family have always been craftsmen who have worked gold in small shops, refining techniques over time and gaining different and far-reaching markets.
The leaders of each generation have always believed in the value of craftsmanship. The history of the family is characterized by an incremental growth over the years.
An artisanal craft that changes continually over time, the Torelli family keep intact the history and traditions of the past: goldsmith craftsmen, designers, gemmologists and manufacturers for jewelry, from paper to realization.

At first the lab was just a corner of the house. The counter on which they worked and created the most precious jewels that Torelli’s history is today, was next to the table on which at noon, and in the evening, they ate.

The first real laboratory was a simple stone room, a few miles from the inhabited center, among the rocks of a mountainous land, with worn-out tools, where hands could be more than machines.

Then came the first modern tools and with them the techniques were made richer and more precise.

Today, Pasquale Torelli, in addition to that rock lab that has become bigger, personally oversees every stage of the work from his company, where he set up his own lab.

There, among spectrometers, lenses and fluorescent lamps, he selects precious stones, experimenting with layouts, drawing on shapes and colors, new pieces for his collections. To distinguish his creations, a fantastic dimension, between dream and myth.

Butterfly with diamonds rotating and changing in color, starfish in an explosion of tropical colors, sapphires and rubies, pink, white and yellow gold, fancy diamonds: everything speaks the language of the Maison and the long process of bringing Metal and precious stones from the sheet to reality.

The level of professionalism achieved, passing from Milan, London, Antwerp and finally Tokyo, is certified by titles and globally recognized qualifications.